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What’s in a logo
October 9, 2021

Hey you all!

I have so many different topics waiting in queue for me to tackle here, but I thought the logo could be a great first one to kick-start: it was born out of so much reflection and deep thinking, and it hides so many implicit meanings, that I thought not opening it up to the outside world would be quite a pity…also, the logo was one of the first elements I started working on, from the very moment I decided to move ahead with my “crazy” clothing brand initiative (little break here just to clarify: it felt crazy back then, especially given my super established and stable career in the financial industry and the fact i had never ever imagined myself pursuing any other venture that would not be in any way related to that).

Therefore, also for the sake of keeping the chronology right, the logo seems like the right place to start.

The concept.

At first, starting from a completely blank canvas, and already knowing that femininity would be a crucial element of the brand which I would never ever be willing to give up on, my initial attempts at the logo turned out to be…let’s say, a bit too “cheesy” – and quite obvious too: written in smooth fonts depicting “Siebelle” as a word and playing out with the curves from the S or the sequence of “e”s and “l”s in the name, they implied something like:

(yep, I am embarrassed to say, those were real attempts from my side….i know they look horrible, so no need to remind me of that 😉

The progress.

Thank God, I quickly realized those logos were not correctly portraying the spirit I wanted to convey to the brand and the kind of attitude I aimed to express through my clothes. They were lacking the modernity and the go-getter attitude of the women who I was targeting my products to. So i quickly switched to styles and fonts which in my opinion did a better job at expressing the concepts I was searching for.

After some research and reflection, I finally landed on these ones:

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