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About us

Siebelle is a women’s clothing brand featuring fresh finds for the everyday woman. Our brand offers classic casual and business wear, all with a feminine flair and sophisticated style at fair prices.

About us

Siebelle is a women’s clothing brand featuring fresh finds for the everyday woman. Our brand offers classic casual and business wear, all with a feminine flair and sophisticated style at fair prices.


EST 2020

The clothes are designed inhouse and produced locally within Europe, always in small quantities and with the highest quality standards with the goal to ensure they will remain crisp and flawless, for many years to come.

Siebelle is the brainchild of Cybele, a woman on a mission to live her dreams and fulfill her passion by creating quality clothing that she loves to wear herself, with little to zero attachment to short-lived, instantaneous fashion trends. We refuse to call ourselves a fashion brand: we strongly believe that style is an absolute rather than relative concept and fashion trends and fads are simply an artifice created and encouraged by large mass production companies to stimulate superfluous consumption and seasonal wardrobe rotation, leading to recurring waste and severe environmental impact.

Just like the beauty of a rose is eternal, we share the conviction that real beauty is timeless: beautiful clothes therefore should remain wearable forever.

Our philosophy is simple: to make distinct, authentic and everlasting designs which offer every woman an instant boost of energy and confidence over and over again. Our mission is to deliver, today, your tomorrow’s lifetime favorites.


I chose the brand name after my own (Cybele), to ensure it will always carry a side of me with it, along with my own values and principles, regardless of which direction it takes. I consider Siebelle to be my alter ego, the woman I aspire and strive to be: someone who is not attached to society norms and expectations around how women should behave or what should they achieve / wear, but someone who instead chooses to focus on her own well-being and on what makes her comfortable in her own skin. Siebelle is not afraid of expressing or exposing her femininity and is in fact proud of it. She wants her clothes to be there for a lifetime, which makes her wardrobe by nature sustainable because her commitment to high quality allows her clothes to be worn for decades in a row.

Siebelle represents all the women out there who believe conquering the world while celebrating their own femininity are by no means contradictory concepts, but are in fact complementary: one reinforces the other. Siebelle is there for the women who do not dress for clicks or likes, but who are instead too busy out there chasing their dreams and living a fulfilled life.

My goal is to empower women to feel free, beautiful and unique in what they wear every day, because I deeply believe every woman has a bit of Siebelle inside of her. By awakening this powerful spirit inside of every woman, I hope to help them rediscover the best version of themselves – little by little every day.















What makes us different?

Siebelle takes inspiration from the Brazilian playfulness and joie de vivre, with an European twist. Our clothes are lively, feminine and well-fit, paying tribute to the beautiful curves of a woman’s body, however never leaving comfort behind nor exposing too much. Pieces are usually monochromatic and patterns are used sparingly, thus leaving room for the accessories to shine and effectively put a new spin on the spirit and overall mood of any outfit.

Clothes for life

At Siebelle, we believe that the clothing we buy today should last for generations – that’s part of our DNA and ideology. Our clothes are ethically and responsibly produced by a state-of-the-art, family-run factory in Romania, always in small quantities with the goal to ensure quality and avoid harmful waste over time. We favor sustainable fabrics whenever possible, but at the same time devote significant effort to ensure durability and true wearability for the long term.

Our clothes are responsibly crafted with the highest standards in a small family-run business based in Romania. We keep production deliberately small as we are not proponents of mass production.

We hope you love Siebelle clothes as much as we love creating them!

Get in touch with us at at any time for any queries or feedback!


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