A first “Hi”
September 15, 2021

Hello dear reader,

Welcome to our first Under the Lining post! This is the place where I intend to keep an open channel with you, talk about the most different topics which impact our lives and reflect on them, exchange values, thoughts and ideas and, most importantly, bring you closer to this surreal and utterly exciting journey which was (and still is) to bring Siebelle to life.

The brand.

Time will tell how precisely this platform will develop over time, but today my main goal really is for this space to become some sort of backstage of the brand, a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into the reality of bringing our products and our vision to the market and the main personal drivers that led me to do it.

This will not be a place for senseless marketing or sales pitches: you will not see me here downright pushing you clothes down the throat: I would rather love this to become the place where I will have the chance speak my truth and my motives and reasons for launching Siebelle and how this connects with my own life and experiences in so many ways.

There are many stories to be told, many reflections to be made, many unspoken intentions to be shared, and many ideas to be exchanged. Not taking advantage of a platform like this to communicate would be literally a waste of website space in my view 🙂

The goal.

My goal with Siebelle is not only to sell clothes, but also to proclaim and encourage an alternative perspective for all of us women to live upon. I know perhaps I might not be saying here anything any of us haven’t already heard before , but i also know most of the times we need to be reminded of things, else we fall back on our old ways easily. So at the very least, I hope to be that inner voice serving as a reminder that above everything, we are the sole drivers of our own happiness.

The cause.

I am ultra excited to be here and really hope to be able to check-in relatively often. If I manage to help women to feel good not only from what they wear but also from how they feel embedded in society (which is not always so forgiving to women), I will consider my mission accomplished.

Hoping to see you often around,

With love,


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