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A collection is worth a thousand pictures
October 15, 2021

When I decided to launch Siebelle, my major commitment was to ensure I would keep the fun factor on, no matter what. Among legal discussions, documents to fill, signatures to notarise, delays to make up for, it has always been very important for me to make sure I would enjoy the process and would stay thrilled, even in the most boring of the activities which are intrinsic to the process of launching a new business.

Of course, creating a new brand from scratch like that requires much more than creating designs and picking new fabrics and colours, like everything in life – unfortunately or fortunately 🙂

The story of creating a new brand.

If the fun would not be there, and if this venture would lead to added stress to my life, there would be absolutely no reason for me to go out of my way to entertain this: I’d rather be using my free time to sip on a cocktail at a beach in Capri 🙂

Today, having gone through many of the steps required for a new clothing label and company to be established, I can definitely say I was able to achieve this goal, and saw myself fascinated, energised and excited along every little step of this process. Obviously, staying true to that rule, the photo shooting phase could not have been an exception: that’s when I got the chance to visit my dear friend K for a long and sunny long weekend in Monaco/France and by when we had the chance to engage on road trips, motorcycle rides, sunbathing in stunning beaches, al fresco dining in an almost magical atmosphere, and had great conversations in addition to executing on the photoshooting task itself.

Inspiration is a key ingredient.

Both of us had prepared ourselves to this, having collected and exchanged on a series of inspiration pics and debated on all the different plots and scenarios for every piece of clothing from the collection.

The days were intense: very early rise every day, in order not to miss the beautifully soft and diffuse light one can only experience during the early morning. Traveling from location to location, enduring the heat while appreciating the beautiful scenery which is so particular to the South of France, running after the best possible light and location during the harsh and hot afternoons, posing and shooting over and over again until the perfect shot is found, we were not taking the endeavor lightly: we were mission-oriented!

There is so much more to come.

But we also had so much fun in the process, that it barely felt like work – it rather felt like a 2-week holiday compressed in 3 well-filled days.

Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude: dear K, you made all of this possible! Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, extreme patience, and true friendship from the very early start – I will never forget! And I am already looking forward to the next one 🙂

And, to the ones reading this, stay tuned for the next photo shooting adventures which I definitely intend to report here, once the next color variations of our rainbow collection will be out: there is so much more to come!

Browse the gallery of pictures below to see more of our journey 🙂

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