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We take inspiration from a vibrant Brazilian femininity and top it off with comfort, quality and elegance.

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Wear your confidence in your skin

We want you to feel pretty, inside out

Our rainbow collection celebrates the joy of life in all its facets.

It is targeted at all women who are too busy chasing their own dreams

as opposed to fashion trends or society expectations.

Elegant and playful

Show off your curves with grace

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Feminine designs made to last

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Explore the multiple colours of our rainbow.

Where your real self shines through


– 2022 –






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A collection is worth a thousand pictures

A collection is worth a thousand pictures

When I decided to launch Siebelle, my major commitment was to ensure I would keep the fun factor on, no matter what. Among legal discussions, documents to fill, signatures to notarise, delays to make up for, it has always been very important for me to make sure I...

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What’s in a logo

What’s in a logo

Hey you all! I have so many different topics waiting in queue for me to tackle here, but I thought the logo could be a great first one to kick-start: it was born out of so much reflection and deep thinking, and it hides so many implicit meanings, that I thought not...

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A first “Hi”

A first “Hi”

Hello dear reader, Welcome to our first Under the Lining post! This is the place where I intend to keep an open channel with you, talk about the most different topics which impact our lives and reflect on them, exchange values, thoughts and ideas and, most...

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